December 23, 2022

Watch a Musician Create Lush Melodies on 33 Wine Glasses Filled With Water

Musician Petr Spatina makes melodies with drinking glasses. What might be seen as an elaborate party trick is actually a musical discipline. The practice comprises upright wine glasses filled with water at varying levels. These “instruments” are altogether referred to as a glass harp. To make a sound, Spatina runs his fingers around the rim of the glasses in different combinations and the vibrations create a variety of notes.

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December 14, 2022

Neil Diamond Surprises Broadway Crowd With a Performance of ‘Sweet Caroline’

Theatergoers at the opening night of the Broadway show A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical got a special surprise. Neil Diamond himself made an appearance and sang an impromptu performance of his beloved song “Sweet Caroline” to an ecstatic crowd. The spontaneous session, performed on December 5, 2022, is fitting considering the musical is about Diamond’s life. It’s also exceedingly rare.

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